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Binance Announces Started $1 Billion Crypto Growth Fund for Blockchain!

Binance, the starts cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a $1 billion growth fund in support of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, with the goal of helping to accelerate adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has starts a $1 billion growth fund to support the Binance Smart Chain blockchain in order to help accelerate the adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology.

According to a statement from Binance, about half of the funds will be directed to investments in areas such as gaming, virtual reality and blockchain-based financial services. About $300 million of the rest will go to a builder program, and $100 million each will be directed to liquidity incentives and talent development.

Binance Smart Chain itself has a global community of developers and investors and was launched by the Binance Chain community. Binance supports the blockchain through investments. 

Gwendolyn Regina, investment director of the BSC Accelerator Fund, said in a statement: 

With the $1 billion initiative, our focus will be widened to building cross-chain and multi-chain infrastructures integrated with different types of blockchains

Binance has been a destination Regulatory in many countries, including USA , South Africa and Singapore the crypto ecosystem has reached a size that draws the attention of the authorities, as in recent months, Binance CEO Changpeng though the “CZ” Zhao said he's a right-turn focus on compliance and regulation to address these concerns .

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