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Blockchain Grows Legal Team

Blockchain, a crypto wallet and payments provider, is looking to grow its legal department. According to an announcement from the company this week, Blockchain has hired a new executive to help in that process.

Blockchain Grows Legal Team

Crypto wallet provider Blockchain has hired a former bank executive to grow its legal team, according to a statement released the other day.

Blockchain announced on Thursday that Ben Melnicki, former chief compliance officer at Noble Bank, has taken over the role of global regulatory advisor at the Luxembourg-based firm.

In his new role, Melnicki will work with Blockchain president and chief legal officer Marco Santori on “light-touch” regulations for cryptocurrency domains in different jurisdictions around the world.

Melnicki said:

I will work closely with Marco Santori on behalf of our organization, our customers, and the virtual currency ecosystem to shape the future of our ecosystem.

In particular, Melnicki stated that he is very excited to work to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions and help individuals secure their financial freedom through the other benefits that cryptocurrencies provide.

Melnicki said that although blockchain has been discussed by policymakers and regulators since 2013, it is "about very different issues today."

But Melcinki added that policymakers should do more to learn about technology that is “increasingly changing the way we work together around the world.”

The best way to do this is by emphasizing clear, unsanctioned participation by governments. This is the best way to effective new legislation.

Melnicki added:

The primary product right now is to offer customers an unattended wallet to “be your own bank” to provide a financial future and independence. I think this is very exciting.