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CMP 170HX Mining Profitability

A Chinese cryptocurrency enthusiast has tested the capabilities of Nvidia's state-of-the-art proprietary GPU, the CMP 170HX. Mining profitability is an important question for the cryptocurrency world. With the Ethash algorithm, 165 Mh/s hash rate, and 250W power consumption, the GPU can bring in 15 USD/day, 500 USD/month, or 5,500 USD/year

CMP 170HX Mining Profitability

Most people are familiar with Nvidia's GeForce series of graphics cards. These are the company's most powerful, most expensive graphics cards, and they're designed to deliver the best performance possible from your PC. But what about the latest version of Nvidia's top-of-the-line specialized GPU, the CMP 170HX?

A Chinese cryptocurrency enthusiast has tested the capabilities of Nvidia's latest top-of-the-line specialized GPU, the CMP 170HX:

The CMP 170HX has been specifically designed for mining cryptocurrency. It features a highly efficient chip design and comes with more memory than previous models. And it offers support for even higher frequencies and voltages than before. This means it can deliver more power per second than ever before which is important to mine more coins per second as well as keep up with Moore's Law.

CMP 170HX Specifications

So far we know the GPU will have the following specs (No details about sales launch yet):

  • 8GB HBM2 memory with a 4,096-bit bus and up to 1.5Tb/s bandwidth
  • Will be based on a downgraded version of Ampere A100
  • 4 480 CUDA cores
  • Processor speed 1,140-1,410 MHz
  • Passive cooling system
  • CUDA core frequency drops when the device reaches 70 degrees Celsius.

CMP 170HX Profitability

 The profitability of the CMP 170HX GPU is determined by taking into account the cost of electricity and maintenance.

The power consumption of the GPU is 250W. The cost of electricity per day is 0.17 USD/day. The mining farm will cost you about 10,000 USD (which includes the complete set), which is only a small part of the total cost of equipment. In addition, you can use one or more computers in your home to mine ETH, receiving income from their resources and paying only for electricity expenses.

CMP 170HX Profitability

The daily income depends on the price at which you buy your device and on how many MH/s hash rates it has. For example, if you buy a device with 130 MH/s hash rate and purchase power at 0.17 USD/day, then this product will bring in 15 USD/day after deducting pool commission from earnings; if you choose to purchase power at 1 USD/day (and are not using your computer), then you will receive about 415 USD per month when using one GPU device; if you use two devices and pay 1 USD / day for power, then each device will bring in 150 USD per month without taking into account pool commission


If we turn on the energy-saving mode (158 Mh/s, 190 W), we get 5,220 USD per year and an increase in payback period to about 3.5 months in the case of Ethereum mining.


 This is an example of the profitability of the CMP 170HX. It has been tested with a slightly modified Sawtooth miner (KawPow algorithm), which increases the profitability by 10% compared to default settings.

The hash rate is 52 Mh/s, which corresponds to a power consumption of 120 W. Therefore, for 4 cents per kW you can count on the following profit: 7 USD/day, 210 USD/month, 2 520 USD per year. The payback period is on average 7 months. As the tester himself says, the performance of the core in this case is the bottleneck.

 The CMP 170HX is a very power-efficient miner, with an efficiency of up to 180 W/MH. The hash rate of the CMP 170HX ranges from 5-15TH/s depending on the mining algorithm. This means that it can easily run any coin that requires less than 30 MH/s and even some coins that require up to 70 MH/s.

The Octopus algorithm (for mining Conflux) is the most profitable one in terms of daily returns, with an ROI of 68 Mh/s at 250 watts. This is only 4.2 USD per day, 126 USD per month, or 1,510 USD per year. In this case, the payback increases to 1 year (1 year).