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First Statements Regarding Binance's Allegations of Giving User Information to Russia!

A claim has been made about user information privacy for the world's largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange. Allegedly, Binance shared user data with the Russian government in 2021. Binance responded to the allegations!

The world's largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, which also operates in Turkey, continues to come to the fore with different claims recently. The last claim for Binance came from Reuters. According to the report published by Reuters, Binance shared user data/information that should remain confidential in 2021.

Although Binance denied the allegations shortly after they emerged, the newly shared report also strengthens the allegations. It has been claimed that Binance, which has not fallen off the agenda with the nickname "Nazi" recently, shared user data with the Russian government. These claims have become much more important, especially in this period of Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Allegedly, Russia requested information such as user name, address, and transaction history at this meeting with Binance. It is also stated that Kostarev directly accepted the offer, although he did not have the chance to respond negatively to the offer.

Searching for Opposition's Millions of Dollars' Worth of Bitcoin

It is stated that Russia requested this information from Binance as part of the fight against crime. However, the issue of Bitcoin (BTC), which was on the agenda at the same time, and the value of millions of dollars collected by the team of the opposition leader in Russia, Alexei Navalny, also draws attention. The opposition collects donations through Binance.

Binance Denies The Allegations

Binance, with its official statement on the allegations, denied all the allegations. In the written statement in the form of a blog post, Binance made the following statements;

Reports that Binance has shared any user data with Russian regulators, including Alexei Navalny, are false. As soon as the war started, we stopped our work with Russia and implemented the sanctions requirements. As far as we know, Binance is the only cryptocurrency exchange that has implemented a package of sanctions by the European Union against Russian account holders today.

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