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How Is the World's Attitude Towards Cryptocurrencies?

Crypto Mining - Recently, the bull season of cryptocurrencies and their rapid rise have attracted the attention of everyone. Cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold, as well as being produced with professional devices.
How Is the World's Attitude Towards Cryptocurrencies?

Recently, the fact that cryptocurrencies are in the bull season and are rising rapidly has attracted everyone's attention. Crypto coins can be bought and sold as well as produced with professional devices. Cryptocurrencies, which many countries approach cautiously and ambivalently, are not recognized as legal means of payment. Although it is not forbidden to use it as a means of exchange, some countries are not afraid to express their concerns about the risks. These countries are Indonesia, Lithuania, the Philippines, Malaysia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, and Thailand. However, Malaysia and Lithuania say that they consider cryptocurrencies to be a technology worth investing in for the future.
In contrast to all this, countries such as Denmark, Ireland and Colombia say that Bitcoin is a digital currency, not a currency. Brazil, Hong Kong, and Pakistan officially state that it is too early to regulate the cryptocurrency market. Countries such as Turkey, Cyprus, Chile, Greece, Portugal, and Malta are also among the countries dec prefer to take an official stance on cryptocurrencies. Some countries, such as the UK and Italy, on the other hand, are considering a model for taxing business transactions based on cryptocurrency
In some countries, cryptocurrencies that are banned from both buying and selling and producing have become legal in Turkey only by adding certain rules. If you do not store your crypto coins to commit an illegal act, you will not be subject to legal restrictions.
However, payment with crypto coins was banned in Turkey on April 30, 2021, to prevent money laundering in illegal activities because crypto coins could not be controlled. This ban only covers payments made with cryptocurrency.
There is no legal basis and no special article related to the exchange and production of cryptocurrencies in our country. For these reasons, it is not under the guarantee of an official institution. With this regulation, it is forbidden to pay indirectly or directly only with cryptocurrencies. 
No situation prohibits the production of cryptocurrency, that is, mining. The only thing you should pay attention to when mining is that the devices you acquire are not illegal. The occasional raids on cryptocurrency miners today are because these devices are decoyed.

What Awaits Cryptocurrency Mining In The Future?

Although cryptocurrency mining and the exchange of these cryptocurrencies are popular today, they have not yet been accepted by the whole world. El Salvador is the first country to accept Bitcoin as its official currency and wanted to lead other countries, but this situation does not seem to have affected other countries yet.
The biggest reason why many countries are not taking a hot look at cryptocurrency mining is the increased energy use. Cryptocurrency mining is banned in some countries because it harms nature. Many cryptocurrency miners have announced that they will produce crypto coins using renewable energy.
Many of the miners who made this announcement have started to produce crypto money with renewable energy. The fact that cryptocurrency mining will be carried out thanks to environmentally friendly resources in the coming years will ensure that cryptocurrencies will be accepted by many states. Therefore, according to experts, the presence of cryptocurrencies in the world seems to increase even more in the coming years.