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How To Earn Cryptocurrency By Playing Games?

DataMining.Mobi is an online farm (sheep feeding) game that allows you to earn real money (USDT) by playing games.

How To Earn Cryptocurrency By Playing Games?

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The is a free online gaming site where you can earn real money by playing completely free games.

We are the first in the world to create a platform where people can play games, earn real money, and also chat about cryptocurrencies.

How to play?

When you start the game, you are given 1 sheep. You have to keep this sheep alive without killing it until 23:59 game time on the last day of every month. Sheep health is 4,800 minutes total and equals 100%. When the minute runs out, the health rate decreases. Sheep hunger is 340 minutes and is equal to 100%. Once the starvation period is completely gone (at 0%), the sheep's health begins to decrease every second. When the health decreases, the health cannot be increased again. Considering these times, you should keep your sheep alive without killing them. Before the sheep's hunger is completely gone, you must choose one of the products in the inventory and feed the sheep. When you feed your sheep with 1 product, the hunger rate will be filled by 25%. If you give your sheep a total of 4 products, their hunger becomes 100%. When your sheep's hunger rate is full, it will produce products (milk, meat, and wool) for you every second according to the feature of the item. When you sell these products, you earn points.

You can do 2 actions with points. 1. To prevent your trading sheep from dying, you can buy products from the market or earn real money ($) by sending your points to the game from the point submission page. If your sheep dies, all the points you have earned, all products (milk, meat, and wool), and the points you have sent to the game will be permanently deleted. You can revive your sheep, but you cannot earn real money because the points you have sent to the game will be deleted. If you revive the sheep again, earn points and send it to the game, you can earn real money. The basic rule of the game is that the sheep do not die. As long as your sheep don't die and you send points to the game, you earn real money.

How does the system work?

When you feed your sheep, it will produce products (milk, meat, and wool) for you. You will earn points when you sell products. When you send the points to the game, you will receive a percentage (%) of the income that will be distributed in the month in which you sent the points. This percentage is calculated as follows. All of the income to be distributed is 100% equal. Everyone gets a share of this 100% by sending points to the game. (Let the profit to be distributed be $10,000, and the rate of profit you get by sending points is 3%. In this case, you will make a net profit of $ 300.) You can always send points to the game.

For example; Let's say you send 100,000 points on any day (5th day) during this month. If your sheep do not die until the last day of this month, at 00:00 on the 3rd day of the next month, the net profit ($) will be reflected in your game account according to the % rate you get by sending points. When your net earnings in your game account reach the minimum payout limit, you can request your money from the withdrawal page at any time. Payments are processed on the 25th day of each month. lifecycle

How can I earn products (milk, meat, wool)?

To earn product (milk, meat, wool), you just need to feed your sheep. You can feed your sheep by choosing a product from the inventory. As long as your sheep's hunger is over 0%, it will produce your product (milk, meat, wool) every second. fedding

How to earn points and sell products (milk, meat, wool)?

When you feed your sheep, it produces milk, meat, and wool for you. You earn points when you sell products (milk, meat, and wool). product selling

How can I earn money?

When you feed your sheep, it produces products (milk, meat, wool) for you. When you sell products, you earn points. If you send your points to the game and your sheep do not die until 23:59 on the last day of that month, the earnings ($) will be reflected in your game account on the 3rd day of the new month. If your sheep dies, the points you sent will be deleted, in this case, you will not be able to earn. You can earn money again by reviving your sheep, earning points, and sending points. point send

How much money can I earn?

The money you earn is directly proportional to the points you send. The more points you spend, the more you earn. For Example; Suppose the income to be distributed on the 3rd day of the month is $50,000.

Members participate in the Earnings ranking by submitting points. The sum of the money distributed is 100% Equal. Each member receives a share of the amount to be distributed as much as the points he/she sends. Let's assume that everyone's sheep is dead except for 2 members who sent points in the earnings ranking by 23:59 on the last day of the month by the game clock. Let one of the members send 100,000 points and the other member 300,000 points. In this case, the share rate of the sender of 100,000 points will be 25% and that of the other member will be 75%. The total money distributed is equal to 100%. 25% of $50,000 becomes $12,500, and 75% becomes $37,500. If both members had sent points of the same value, the money would have been split in half, 50%, 50%.

If 1 person remained on the earnings table, 1 person would get all the money, regardless of the score they sent. That's why points don't have a direct ($) equivalent. It is constantly changing. As new members join the earnings ranking, they become partners in the earnings. In this case, the profit also decreases. But the incomes are also increasing because the members are more. The amount we will distribute increases as well.

What are the payment methods?

We currently only make payments to USDT wallets via the TRC20 Network. We recommend USDT wallet addresses.

You can also use it on different exchanges other than the recommended ones.

When are payments made?

Earnings are distributed to game accounts on the 3rd day of each month. Members who have reached the payment threshold (limit) can request payment at any time. Payment requests are processed on the 25th of each month. Depending on the intensity, it may take 1 week. Payments are made manually after reviews.

Why was my payment not made?

If your payment has not been made, it is due to the following reasons.

  • Your payment may not have been made because you did not request the money in your game account from the "Withdraw Money" page.
  • If it is determined that you have violated the game rules after requesting payment, your payment may not have been made.
  • The wallet information you want to withdraw may be invalid.

Why were my points and products (milk, meat, wool) reset?

When your sheep dies, the products (milk, meat, wool), points in your account, and the points you have sent to the game are permanently deleted.

Are there any deductions for payments?

There is a transfer fee imposed by the exchange. Apart from this, we do not apply any deductions.

  • USDT Transfer Fee: $1

Is there a minimum payment limit?

Yes, there is a payment limit. You must have a balance of at least $5 or more in your game account to be able to request a payout.

What happens when the sheep runs out of health?

When the health of the sheep ends, it dies and the following processes take place;

  • All products (milk, meat, wool) are permanently deleted.
  • All points are permanently deleted.
  • Points sent to the game are permanently deleted. (You will be removed from the earnings table.)

How can I continue after the sheep dies?

You can continue the game with 100% health by using the "Revive the Sheep" button under the character section. But all products (milk, meat, wool) and points are permanently deleted. character dead

When will the earnings ranking be finalized?

Earnings rankings are finalized on the 3rd day of each month.

When and how to reset the game?

At 00:00 on the first day of every month, the following actions take place for all members.

  • Sheep will have 100% health.
  • All points are permanently deleted.
  • All products (milk, meat, wool) are permanently deleted.

Earnings ($), Levels, and Items in Inventory are permanent. It is never deleted or reset.

What is the Affiliate System?

When 1 visitor registers via your affiliate link, it becomes your reference. Each time your reference member sells a product, 20% of the points he earns will increase your level.

Your reference is valid for 45 days after registration. Your reference will expire after the period expires.

What is the account level/how does it progress?

The levels in the game allow you to buy items with high features from the market. Items with high features give you more points. Every time you level up, new items become active in the market. You only need to sell products (milk, meat, wool) to pass the level. Your level progresses according to each product you sell. Example: 1 Liter of milk gives you 20 points. In this case, your level will progress by 20 points.

Level List:

Level 1 0 XP
Level 2 80,000 XP
Level 3 200,000 XP
Level 4 560,000 XP
Level 5 1,800,000 XP
Level 6 5,650,000 XP
Level 7 10,000,000 XP
Level 8 50,000,000 XP
Level 9 80,000,000 XP
Level 10 120,000,000 XP

How does the life cycle of the sheep work?

It works by the rates below.

  • When the sheep are not fed, the hunger rate becomes 0% in 340 minutes.
  • If the sheep's starvation rate is 0% if you don't feed the sheep, they will die in 4,800 minutes.
1 Minute 1 Hour 1 Day
HEALTH 0.02% 1.25% 30%
HUNGER 0.29% 17.65% -

When at the latest can points be sent to the system?

You can always send points to the game when you reach the minimum point submission limit (1000 Points). In which month you send points, you become a partner in the distributed earnings of that month. It is the last day of sending points for that month at 23:59 on the last day of each month with game time.

What are item features and levels?

Each item has its level and feature. New items become active when you level up. In addition, you can increase the feature of products from the market by improving them for a certain point. You can see all the details about the products in the table below.

Item Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Feature: 0.15 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 127

Feature: 0.16 Milk0.1 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 646

Upgrade Fee: 4080 Points

Feature: 0.17 Milk0.11 Meat0.05 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 811

Upgrade Fee: 20672 Points


Feature: 0.16 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 136

Feature: 0.17 Milk0.11 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 705

Upgrade Fee: 4352 Points

Feature: 0.18 Milk0.12 Meat0.06 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 892

Upgrade Fee: 22576 Points


Feature: 0.17 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 144

Feature: 0.18 Milk0.12 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 765

Upgrade Fee: 4624 Points

Feature: 0.19 Milk0.13 Meat0.07 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 973

Upgrade Fee: 24480 Points


Feature: 0.18 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 153

Feature: 0.19 Milk0.13 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 824

Upgrade Fee: 4896 Points

Feature: 0.2 Milk0.14 Meat0.08 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1054

Upgrade Fee: 26384 Points


Feature: 0.19 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 161

Feature: 0.2 Milk0.14 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 884

Upgrade Fee: 5168 Points

Feature: 0.21 Milk0.15 Meat0.09 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1134

Upgrade Fee: 28288 Points


Feature: 0.2 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 170

Feature: 0.21 Milk0.15 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 943

Upgrade Fee: 5440 Points

Feature: 0.22 Milk0.16 Meat0.1 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1215

Upgrade Fee: 30192 Points


Feature: 0.21 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 178

Feature: 0.22 Milk0.16 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1003

Upgrade Fee: 5711 Points

Feature: 0.23 Milk0.17 Meat0.11 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1296

Upgrade Fee: 32096 Points


Feature: 0.22 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 187

Feature: 0.23 Milk0.17 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1062

Upgrade Fee: 5984 Points

Feature: 0.24 Milk0.18 Meat0.12 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1377

Upgrade Fee: 34000 Points


Feature: 0.23 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 195

Feature: 0.24 Milk0.18 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1122

Upgrade Fee: 6256 Points

Feature: 0.25 Milk0.19 Meat0.13 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1457

Upgrade Fee: 35904 Points


Feature: 0.24 Milk

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 204

Feature: 0.25 Milk0.19 Meat

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1181

Upgrade Fee: 6528 Points

Feature: 0.26 Milk0.2 Meat0.14 Wool

Energy: 85 Minutes

Qty Price: 1538

Upgrade Fee: 37808 Points

How can I find out the game time?

The game clock is located at the bottom of the page on mobile devices and the bottom right on desktop devices.

How much are the product (milk, meat, wool) sales prices?

You can see the product sales prices in the table below. Products are shown over 1 unit. You can do your calculations accordingly.

Product Selling Price
milk1 Liter Milk 20 Points
meat1 KG Meat 120 Points
wool1 KG Wool 50 Points

How can I delete my account?

Accounts that have not been logged in for 60 days are automatically closed.