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New Step in Cryptocurrency Mining: Graphics Card Problem May End!

After the decline in the cryptocurrency market, mining activities also decreased. A new equipment for cryptocurrency mining has been introduced.
New Step in Cryptocurrency Mining: Graphics Card Problem May End!

Things have not been going well in the cryptocurrency exchange in recent months. The gradual collapse of the stock market continues to make it difficult for investors. Operations not just for investors but within cryptocurrency miners began to decline rapidly.

Another blow taken recently was the collapse of the Ethereum market. On top of that, a new mining equipment has been implemented for crypto miners. The name of the new equipment was expressed as Antminer E9 Ethereum miner.

With the Antminer E9 Ethereum miner, the crisis can end!

The graphics card had become a serious problem for cryptocurrency miners. In this process, the interest of many miners in Nvidia/AMD graphics card increased gradually. However, due to the hikes in the graphics card, the operations of many miners were in danger.

Bitmain, a Chinese mining firm, announced that it has released a new piece of equipment. The name of the equipment was announced as Antminer E9 Ethereum. However, when an evaluation was made, it was proven that it performs the same as 25 GeForce RTX 3080s.

The technical characteristics of the new equipment also appeared. When compared with the RTX 3080 hash rate, it was learned that the efficiency is 2.5 times higher. This situation is expressed as a serious working performance.

It was determined that he was as modest in terms of price as he was assertive about performance. After its launch in 2021, it was learned that the selling price of the new cryptocurrency mining was 10 thousand dollars.

To mine cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to purchase 25 GeForce RTX 3080s. Considering that the price of a single graphics card is 700 dollars, a total system of 17 thousand 500 dollars should be installed. Compared to graphics cards, the energy performance of the new equipment is strong and economical. The new equipment works with 1,920W energy needs, but it has been determined that the graphics cards provide 5600W power consumption. After the collapse in the crypto market, the same situation affected the mining process. Due to the decrease in activities, graphics cards began to become cheaper.