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Tax-Free Proposal For Bitcoin mining In Latin American Country

Miners took an environmentally friendly way of consumption in order to get used to the new world order. Bitcoin mining has come to the fore with renewable energy as well as environmentalists.

Crypto Mining - Latin American countries are taking a milder view towards crypto assets. The countries of the region show a positive approach both at the point of use and at the point of production. In addition, Bitcoin ATMs are again widespread in Latin October countries. Countries want to lead this technology. But in doing so, the plan and program come first and foremost. The next big news came from Brazil. For Bitcoin mining, the country is preparing to take an important step.

There has been a most recent update on the Brazilian Congress. Accordingly, Senator Irajá Silvestre Filhothe proposed tax-free crypto mining for organizations that use sustainable energy for the process. The senator also reported that in addition to changing the status of cryptocurrencies to a currency instead of a commodity, there may be a tax exemption on the import of cryptocurrency mining equipment.

The arrival of such news by Brazil was positively received. The tax exemption for Bitcoin mining and equipment can be seen in the coming periods in Brazil. With the improvement that will be made, Brazil can become the center of mining.

Sustainable Energy Emphasis For Bitcoin Mining

Mining activities in the crypto world have been talked about a lot this year. It became the agenda almost every day due to the energy expended. But the miners took an environmentally friendly way of consumption to get used to the new world order. Not only environmentally friendly but also with renewable energy, Bitcoin mining has come to the fore. 

Brazil is expanding rapidly in the crypto space. Last month, Brazilian Federal Deputy and congressman Luizão Goulart had proposed crypto as a legal form of payment for workers in both the public and private sectors. This is not the first time the Brazilian government has supported the crypto industry. January October, the Central Bank of Brazil published a report stating that residents of the country have purchased $4.2 billion worth of crypto since January 2021.

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