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Uniswap Examines Cryptocurrency Wallets!

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap has taken a new step and examined cryptocurrency wallets. Many crypto wallets have been blocked in the investigations.

Uniswap Examines Cryptocurrency Wallets!

The fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchange continue to worry investors day by day. In recent days, new news came from the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange UniSwap. The cryptocurrency exchange has for some time brought many crypto wallets under scrutiny, with its work with TRM Labs, known as the Blockchain analytics company.

253 Cryptocurrency Wallets Blacklisted!

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After 4 months of meticulous work carried out by the company, it was learned that a total of 253 crypto wallets were blacklisted. All evaluations are published with detailed explanations made by the Uniswap software engineer.

A statement was made about the blacklisted wallets. According to these statements, it was learned that the blacklisted addresses were linked to the stolen funds. It was learned that he continued to use transactions such as Tornado Cash, which were banned by the US treasury or sanctioned in various ways. For this reason, crypto wallets with a connection were put under scrutiny.

Reviews In Progress

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UniSwap had formed a partnership with “TRM Labs” in April 2022 to initiate the investigations. After that, all the transactions made by the users fell on the “TRM Labs” screens in a short time. The risk level was also determined by the company according to the transactions of the users.

Illegal activities have come under scrutiny when looking at a new chart and the details of this chart that has been shared recently. In particular, stolen funds, tampering funds, confirmed addresses, and fraudulent transactions are recorded. It has been learned that in the next period, crypto money wallets will be under investigation.

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