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What is a Decentralized Search Engine?

What are decentralized search engines developed as an alternative to traditional internet search engines? Decentralized search engines use distributed ledger technology. The use of blockchain technology provides greater privacy when searching the Internet for products and services

What is a Decentralized Search Engine?

Although we hear the word decentralization mostly for Cryptocurrencies, it continues to be used much more intensely today. Especially with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, many decentralized formations continue to enter our lives.

There is a new decentralized search engine developed specifically as an alternative to traditional internet search engines. Of course, this search engine is ready to enter our lives with very big goals. Decentralized search engines serve people today with distributed ledger technology. In addition, we can say that the use of Blockchain technology provides much more privacy when searching the internet about products and services.

Although this privacy pleases many users, it in no way pleases a branded search engine like Google. The decentralized system, especially in cryptocurrencies, was not adopted by many people and many institutions, especially states, did not like this system.

Every decentralized structure stores and protects users personal information. A blockchain-based decentralization system is preferred by many users. In addition, this system is of vital importance for businesses, and people who are targeted by major online advertising platforms can now do their jobs in a much more confidential way. In this way, advertisements are delivered to people who are looking for products in real terms and who need these products. Narrow but effective advertising logic increases the conversion rate very well.

How Does a Decentralized Search Engine Work?

The decentralized search engine works in the same way and serves the user, just as the search engines we have learned before, that is, what we describe as traditional, work.

A platform similar to the traditional model is offered for searching the Internet, and all the information of this platform is stored in Blockchain. The decentralized system is a completely Blockchain-based search engine. It allows users to search and interact online in real-time. In addition, if you want, you can create an online identity and recipient profile. In every decentralized platform, the user is completely in control of how information is used and with whom it is shared. In other words, third parties can't access this information. It also remains secure and anonymous unless passwords are agreed with the private key provided. In this way, no one can even find your traces.

Why Do We Need Decentralized Search Engines?

Online advertising spaces are now controlled and managed by giant companies. These advertising spaces are managed by gigantic companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google. These companies are telling businesses that want to be competitive how to run their ad campaigns.

In addition, social media or large businesses hide and save a lot of information while reaching them on the internet through search engines. Then businesses pay huge sums and allocate billions of dollars in advertising budgets. For this reason, this industry needs a serious transformation. This is where the decentralized search engine comes into play and offers a much fairer search engine option.

What is Decentralized Search Engine Presearch (PRE)?

The first Blockchain-based decentralized search engine created for the first time in the world was named Research. Recently, for the first time, the Blockchain-based decentralized search engine Presearch started to serve with its full version.

Users can search through the system and easily use an infrastructure that they can keep themselves safe. A blockchain-based decentralized search engine uses Ethereum infrastructure. The main purpose here is to keep the confidentiality of user data at a high level. As you know, it is almost impossible to do this through Google today.

In addition to this, it also offers you different opportunities. If we compare the system with Google, Google stands out as the most used search engine in the world and dominates almost the entire market. Google, which drives trillions of dollars throughout the year, monitors all the searches on your page to offer you better advertising opportunities. This is clearly stated in the company policy. Research eliminates such negative situations, ensures the confidentiality of data, and has emerged to provide individuals, institutions, or organizations with a free search experience.