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What is Avalaunch Launchpad?

Together with you, we will examine every one of the Launchpad platforms, where solid and beautiful projects emerge. Are there really 50x 100x 200xs? If so, how can we achieve such high earnings, I will tell you all in this beautiful series. The first launchpad platform of your series is the Avalaunch launchpad platform, which I like very much and is mentioned a lot. What is the Avalaunch launchpad? What are the conditions of participation in the pre-sales? let's take a look.

What is Avalaunch Launchpad?

What is the 2022 Avalaunch Launchpad?

Avalaunch launchpad is a platform made by investors for investors. Avalaunch is a decentralized platform that runs on the Avalanche network and allows them to raise funds for projects on that network. What is Avalaunch Launchpad? Avalaunch is the first protocol created for this ecosystem, which aims to help raise funds for emerging, promising, and innovative projects on the Avalanche network. Idols of very beautiful projects have been made on this platform recently and we can say that 100xs flew in the air. The best part of the platform is that it does not have a certain tier system like other platforms. I can say that it is the only platform with this feature, it is exactly what we are looking for, a great platform that brings together both small and large investors. As you know, it is necessary to meet some conditions to participate in the pre-sale of these projects that make a lot of x. We need to stake a certain amount of a coin. This is the thing that is different in Avalaunch. It does not want high stakes that are unreachable to you. No matter how much you stake, it offers a buy right. But 5 or 10 dollars necessarily give you the right to buy. Let's see, which coin are we staking, what do we need to do?

What are the 2022 Avalunch Pre-Sales Participation Conditions?

What You Need To Do For Us To Participate In 100x Projects

First of all, to participate in the Avalaunch pre-sales in 2022, you must have a Metamask wallet and have added the Avalanche network to your wallet. Metamask wallet information is available on our website. After registering on the site, we connect our wallets. To participate in the Idols, the site's coin, the Xava token, is required. To give some information about Xava, its total supply is 100 million units. 33 million tokens are reserved for token sales, 32 million for the ecosystem, 21 million for the institution, 9 million for advisors and partners, and 5 million for liquidity. You can also take a more detailed look at the price and chart analysis. It is available on major exchanges such as Gate io, Kucoin, and Mxc. We bought Xava and sent our tokens from exchanges to our wallet with the avax-c chain network. We have two phases left. The first is to stake xavas. The second is to register for pre-sales.

You can easily stake Xavas from the staking section on the site. Then, upcoming ido dates are shared from official accounts. You must register for the pre-sale on these dates. There is another feature of this site that I like very much for registration. Namely, they ask you to lend 1 avax during registration. If you purchase within the period given on the sales dates, the avax you lent will be returned to you. If you have not made a purchase, your avax coin is not returned to you. Why? The project sold is sold in a certain number. And it is shared among those who register for the sale. They found such a solution because you usurped other people's rights when you did not queue and buy. I think it's a very sensible solution. What projects has the Avalaunch platform, which has some nice features, put up for sale in the past weeks? How many x projects have done? Let's see together.

Avalaunch Launchpad Sales and Projects

Avalaunch Platform Investment Table