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New Risk of Security Breach in NFT Market!

A new security risk claim has emerged regarding OpenSea, the world's largest NFT platform. It is stated that the information of users registered on the platform is not safe. Here are all the details about the OpenSea claims!

New Risk of Security Breach in NFT Market!

The scandals about the OpenSea platform, which is one of the important stakeholders in the spread of NFT, do not end. The world's most important NFT market, OpenSea, is now not on the agenda for the alleged misuse of its users' information. It is stated that the authorities are used maliciously by a "" employee within the scope of the allegations regarding the violation of user information privacy.

In this case, it causes users' personal information to be captured by unauthorized persons. It is stated that at the beginning of this information comes the registered e-mail addresses of the users on the OpenSea platform.

OpenSea Users Should Be Careful

The allegations made about OpenSea, which is used extensively because it is the largest NFT market in the world, disturbed the users. These security breaches occur especially when e-mail information is shared for the OpenSea “newsletter”. It causes e-mail addresses obtained by third parties to be particularly vulnerable to risks such as "phishing". Based on these allegations, OpenSea made a statement stating that they cooperated with the security forces and that the process was followed closely.

1.8 Million People at Risk


With the security breach in the OpenSea market, statistical data began to emerge. According to the statement made by "Dune Analytic", which includes the most important analysts of the world, a huge user base of 1.8 million is affected by this problem in the OpenSea market. Because according to the data, about 2 Million users traded NFTs via Ethereum using the OpenSea market.

It Happened to OpenSea for the Second Time

2022 has been a scandalous year for OpenSea. Because before these latest security breach allegations, the official Discord server of the market was also in the hands of people who should not have information about the users. Users' contact information was stolen by malicious people on the Discord server, and there were even events such as most OpenSea accounts being stolen.

opensea discord

Before this scandal that took place before May, OpenSea faced a security problem again in the first month of the year. This time, the hacker managed to infiltrate the platform and sold the NFTs in the users' accounts without their permission and knowledge.

For OpenSea users who suffered from these security breaches, the company had to make a huge apology payment of $1.8 million. Although such a huge amount was paid, it is not clear what the level of damage to the platform of this attack, which took place at the beginning of the year, was.

The company, on the other hand, focused on new security solutions in the face of these serious security risks it faced in 2022. However, although it seems that these do not provide a solution yet, it is useful for users to act carefully regarding the latest claims. Company executives and experts recommend that users take an approach that they avoid for a while about e-mails coming to their e-mail addresses.

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