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What is NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

One of the most curious crypto assets of recent times is NFT. A wide range of products and services are sold as NFTs on the Internet. Many celebrities also got into this business. So what is an NFT coin? How is NFT done? Features of Non Fungible Token...

The non-fungible token, NFT for short, is a special type of cryptographic token. The uniqueness of NFTs quickly made them popular. That is to say, paintings or sculptures, traditional works of art are valuable. They are unique because they are the only one of their kind.

Today, digital artworks prepared with computers and tablets have gained importance as well as traditional art. To tokenize these designs and build them on the blockchain is to present them to the gallery of the digital age. Each NFT is very special and valuable as these tokens cannot be exchanged for any other tokens.

On the other hand, ERC-20 tokens can change by nature. Namely, the ERC-20 token is a type of token that can be used for a service or application. Therefore, ERC-20 tokens can be exchanged within their Networks.

Finally, Non-fungible tokens can be stored on a computer, cloud storage, and digital files. You can easily and endlessly reproduce NFT works, print them or share them on social media platforms.

NFTNon-Fungible Token