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What Has Bitcoin Actually Achieved?

Bitcoin was originally designed as the product of standard work. Today, it has managed to become an investment product that millions of investors in hundreds of different countries regularly follow. But what does he hide behind his success?

Bitcoin was originally conceived as a product of standard work. Today, it has managed to become an investment product that is followed regularly by millions of investors in hundreds of different countries. But what is hiding behind this success? A very strong investor? States? Or is it just a sense of trust?

Confidence Started With Crypto Mining

It was a different title, but thanks to crypto mining, people started to make money with material value by using the opportunities they had. Such a facility was not possible before Bitcoin. After Bitcoin, many different coins started to be mined considering its shortcomings.

To tell the truth, Bitcoin came up with an idea. With the support of technology, the idea emerged that data could be transferred and kept safe without being tied to any center.
Although today, when Bitcoin is mentioned, only the numbers traded on exchanges come to mind, the blockchain continues to develop as a very deep subject.

Logistics – Economy – Health and Politics

For example, MAERSK company, which is among the world's logistics giants, is working on a blockchain project where it can transfer all its logistics activities with its investments. Although this blockchain study is perceived as processing simple data together, it can be interpreted as a new step on the path opened by Bitcoin.

In this way, Maersk is deepening its work on a blockchain where it can explain the routes the manufactured product goes through until it reaches the final consumer, how much fuel it consumes, which ships, and which vehicles it is transported by, day in and day out. This means very transparent transportation.

As you can see, Bitcoin is beginning to make radical changes not only economically, but also in life itself.
Apart from this, we have seen that very large companies have been working on health and politics recently.

Cryptocurrency and Mega-Corporations

Research shows that among the world's largest 10,000 companies, there is not a single company that does not invest in cryptocurrencies and does not conduct R&D studies on trading.

Firms regularly support these studies as angel investors or directly within their operations. It looks like we will get more detailed information about this support news in the coming periods.

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