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Coffin Dance Becomes NFT - Sold for Shocking Price

The Coffin Dance video, which was popular all over the world during the pandemic period, was offered for sale as NFT. The first sales shocked everyone.

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and eventually the NFT trend continue to grow. The business has come to such a level that we can now see that even many popular social media contents are offered for sale as NFT. The biggest and perhaps the most successful example of this is; It may be the Coffin Dance video, which was very popular at the beginning of the pandemic process.

Coffin Dance NFT Sold for 327 ETH!

No one does not remember the Coffin Dance video, which we can still encounter actively while browsing social media, actively sharing GIFs in chat applications, and even watching it periodically as addicts. The most shared part of the video was the part where 6 people danced with the coffins on their backs, with the music named "Astronomia" by Tony Igy.

The work was converted into NFT format by Benjamin Aidoo, who took part in Coffin Dance, which is among the most popular videos recently, and Matthew Odrick (Digineko), who published the video on YouTube, was put up for auction on the Foundation.

Before this sale, the beneficiaries announced that they will donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale to support the victims of the Ukrainian war. The number of sales, which is thought to be due to the popularity of the video and the strong social aid aspect, was astonishing. NFT generated exactly 327 ETH ($1 million) in its first sale.

The conversion of this entertaining video, in which images are actively used, into a social aid project today, received great acclaim on social media. It seems that the items that are popular on social media will continue to be sold as NFTs.

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